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Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance

Our commitment to changing today for tomorrow’s success is supported by our environmental, social and governance framework. GBS wholeheartedly joins businesses striving to create a more representative, sustainable and responsible future.


Integrating ESG into operations, and particularly recruitment, has become crucial. By aligning hiring decisions with ESG practices, businesses can attract top talent whilst contributing to a more sustainable world.

Our diverse world

A diverse talent pool brings people together of different skills, cultures, attitudes and aptitudes all of which promote innovation, enhance decision-making, and help to develop a culture that values and respects differences.

Recruitment businesses play a critical role in shaping organisations that thrive on inclusive principles. ESG promotes broader considerations; diversity and inclusion are key components of sustainable and responsible business. Candidate sourcing that prioritises diversity and inclusive hiring practices creates businesses that flourish in our extraordinary world.

Tree planting in Kenya

Green Barks Search Principles


As a small independent search firm, we aim to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible. Having made significant steps to becoming an entirely paperless office with the introduction of electronic notebooks for all employees, not only does this allow the office to run more efficiently, it also reduces our paper usage to almost nothing and supports flexible working and reduces business miles wherever possible.


We have taken significant steps to insulate our working environment to reduce energy consumption, including relaying carpets and underlay to insulate the floors, and additional insulation within the roofing to sustainably conserve warmth. The smart heating system also monitors the temperature of the office to keep our usage to a minimum.

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